I'm trying, I'm trying! D:

No, really, I am. I've been working on it, but it's taking forever to do. I'm having to completely redo Comic 2, essentially from scratch. It's hard! The problem?

Backgrounds. They. Take. FOREVER. I've gotten two done, but still have to do one, maybe two views.

-The inside of the room. I need to show the soon-to-be-introduced fourth character inside.

-The view of the hallway from the inside. Twice, actually.

Basically, Comic 2 is probably one of the largest artistic challenges I've ever faced, even with cheating! Both the apartment's outside and the hallway are modified images I found on Google. Even modifying THOSE took forever; I'd have to guess six to eight EACH. Then there's the characters; I'm having trouble with positioning and scale. Not to mention, I had to write the script, I haven't drawn the character,  yet, and I only have access to Bodoni MT Black (the font I use) on my desktop. It's a pain. >_<


I actually have a subscriber to the comic! Thanks, pantstall! :)

Anyway, that motivates me to get started on working on the second. I have to completely draw the interior of Allen's room-to-be (from the perspective of the door), something I've never done before. There's also redoing the hallway to have a more consistent look to it, as well as doing the hall from inside the room. On top of all that, I have to draw a new character. >_<

Not to mention, there's going to be spacing issues on the comic.

...Yeah. There's a reason I never uploaded College #2. >_<

(On the bright side, this'll take care of around half the backgrounds I'll ever have to make. I'll have to make a classroom, a place to hangout, maybe a lawn, and perhaps the library, but that's about it. Then, I can mostly reuse them so I don't have to start from scratch every time, yay! :P)


I've released my first comic! It has a load of problems, sure, but hey, it's a start! (Especially compared to the original set, which you can find here.)

Val proved to be a challenge to draw, 'cause I don't draw girls very well. She still doesn't quite seem right...

Anyway, I'm thinking of working on a cast page, to see who the characters are as they are introduced. There are seven main ones, and I know the personality and backstory of each of them fairly well. (Helps that 3/7 have the same. :P)


Some who pay attention to the profile might've noticed the big giant question marks. Those are the other four characters I have yet to introduce. As they are introducted, they will be included in the banner, so in comic #2, it will go to only three question marks. (I'd say they're listed in order of appearance, but I'd be lying. :P) Eventually, the banner will show all seven main characters, like a normal comic banner would. ;)

"Why exclude them?"

Why, for the spoilers, of course! I wouldn't want to spoil it for you! :P

(Real reason: I haven't drawn them, yet. Working on it!)