Comic 1 - College 1
12th Nov 2010, 3:08 AM
College 1
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Author Notes:
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You might have noticed me having mentioned it before. It started with me uploading a few things on my random art section. That...evolved. Soon, I began working on it again, and gave you some sneak peaks that were meant to lead into this comic.
This is College.
The full title is College: Gaming, Troping, Pediaing, Studying, Writing, and Working. It has one character who best fits each of the seven things mentioned, though they all partake in each of the activities listed from time to time. It's a Slice-of-Life-type comic, and one of my most challenging artistic projects. It was originally this, though things have changed since the first, but the idea has remained the same. Welcome to the life of Allen RR Lewis, the youngest of the three siblings, and all those who happen to interact him. College.

Things to notice: Drat, I thought I corrected the "Yea" typo a long time ago. Apparently not; it's still missing the h. What about the size, here? Well, sorry. I calculated a long time ago that even the smallest screen could have something like 1000 pixels on it--not including margins. With margins, it's about ComicFury's recommended limit of 800, 100 margins on each side. My apologies for the inconvenience that comes, but it was truly unavoidable. (No way can I shrink the comic more than I have already!) The text in the first three panels is a bit of a patch job, so I apologize for the white in it; I typed it in white, and then moved it into black, so that's why it has that stupid white stuff around it. Also--while most problems have been fixed--a few still remain. Allen still looks like he's not sitting up. Jim's legs feel wrong. So do Val's. (Apparently, I need quite the amount of work on legs. >_<) I feel the difference between the floor and the wall might be a little off, too. I couldn't think of good Alt-text, either. All in all, this is a huge improvement, but it's not perfect. Ah, well. It's a start. Let's see how much I can get done on this, now. :)